J&J Scholars of Oncology Diversity Engagement Program
J&J Scholars of Oncology Diversity Engagement Program

At Johnson & Johnson, we remain committed to creating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. That’s why our Oncology Research & Development team is thrilled to announce they are advancing the application process for the upcoming year of the J&J Scholars of Oncology Diversity Engagement Program (SODEP). This program aims to build relationships with exceptional, ethnically diverse PhD or MD/PhD students, PharmD students, and post-doctoral researchers. We propose to contribute to shaping their career, and bring greater visibility to our job opportunities by providing industry exposure and mentorship from our senior R&D leaders at Janssen.

There are two steps of J&J SODEP: Exposure and Mentorship. The first step of this program (Exposure) is a virtual Oncology Day, which takes place every year in mid September. With applications being accepted until the end of August.  At the Oncology Day, attendees will be exposed to the R&D process within industry and obtain an understanding of the critical skillsets fostering a successful industry career. Those who attend the Oncology Day will have the opportunity to apply to advance to the Mentoring step of SODEP, in which scholars will be paired with J&J leaders in an ongoing 1-year mentoring experience. Applications for this step will be due in mid October. Please see the tabs below for details.

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In the Oncology Therapeutic Area of Janssen R&D, our vision to eliminate cancer is ambitious and bold. We choose this mission because we believe we can make an impact. With this same energy and focus, we are committed to continually enhancing our culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion and are determined to make a difference.

We are pleased to offer a new program to build relationships with exceptional, ethnically diverse PhD and MD/PhD students, PharmD students, and post-doctoral scientists. We aim to contribute to shaping their career, and bring greater exposure to opportunities at Janssen. The Janssen Scholars of Oncology Diversity Engagement Program (SODEP) is developed with the goal to follow external talent through industry exposure and mentorship.


Janssen Oncology will host a Virtual Janssen Oncology Day on September 13, 2023. This is a unique opportunity to be exposed to the R&D process within industry and understand the critical skillsets to have a successful industry career. If you are interested in attending, please see the "Apply" tab. Highlights of Janssen Oncology Day will include:

  • Formal presentations given by Janssen Oncology scientific and strategic leaders highlighting the many roles available for scientists and physicians in oncology drug development.
  • Smaller breakout sessions with Janssen Oncology leaders to facilitate more in-depth dialogue about what success looks like in industry, transferable skills from academia to industry, etc.

Scholars who attend Janssen Oncology Day and would like to be considered for the mentorship step of the program will be asked to complete an application. The deadline for application to the Mentoring step of Janssen SODEP will be October 13, 2023. The application will require a 1-2 page personal statement and one letter of reference, in addition to the previous information that was provided for Janssen Oncology Day registration. 

Based on the overall application and mentor availability, select scholars will be paired with Janssen leaders as part of an ongoing 1 year mentoring experience.

Highlights include:

  • Receive 1:1 career coaching and guidance from an industry leader
  • Receive funds for conference travel, research supplies, training courses
  • Further insight into pharmaceutical industry careers
  • Gain knowledge about pharmaceutical industry culture and navigation strategies
  • Resume/CV review and feedback

·Self-identify as African-American/Black or Hispanic
·Citizens or permanent residents of the United States
·Full-time PhD or MD/PhD students in year 3+ of graduate program, PharmD students, or post-doctoral fellows
·Engaged or interested in oncology, or other closely related disciplines such as molecular biology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, computational biology/data sciences,  clinical research, and pharmacology.

The Janssen Scholars of Oncology Diversity Engagement Program (Janssen SODEP) is now accepting applications for the mentoring step of the program, which is anticipated to begin in January 2024. The application window is from September 18 to October 13, 2023. Please note that you must have registered for and attended Janssen Oncology Day to apply to the second step of SODEP. To apply, please have your CV (updated if needed, or the same one you sent in for Janssen Oncology Day; either way, please re-upload it), your personal statement (1-2 pages, see additional guidance below), and your letter of reference (see additional guidance below) ready as PDFs.

  1. PLEASE CLICK HERE to login and view your previous application.
    To login, you will use the credentials you set up when you registered for Janssen Oncology Day. If you forgot your password, please click on the forgot my password link to reset your password.
  2. When you have logged in, you will see the information you previously entered. Scroll through to complete all missing fields and scroll to the bottom to upload each attachment.
  3. Then click "Submit". 


1. The research statement/statement of interest should be 1-2 pages long. This document should tie together:

  • Your research (if appropriate; research experience is not a requirement)
  • Your interest in oncology
  • Learnings from Janssen Oncology Day

2. A letter of recommendation from a mentor who is a faculty member at your current or former institution (no length requirement). This letter should cover the following at a minimum:

  • Relationship to applicant
  • Description of the scholar's skills and qualifications, including specific examples that illustrate the scholar's strengths/areas of growth/potential
  • Summary of why the scholar is recommended for mentorship in SODEP

3. Your Curriculum Vitae has the same basic requirements that you provided for registration at Janssen Oncology Day. You can re-upload the same CV or an updated version. As a reminder, your CV should include:

  • A summary statement
  • A list of research experience (university/company, principal investigator if appropriate, information about the research)
  • A list of technical skills
  • Education information
  • Awards/fellowships
  • Publications (complete)


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