Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging: The Key to Innovation
Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging: The Key to Innovation

Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging: The Key to Innovation

Diversity matters at Amgen. We believe that an environment of inclusion fosters innovation, which drives our ability to serve patients. Our global presence is strengthened by having a workforce that reflects the diversity of the patients we serve.

We believe our differences lead to better science. To help ensure our ongoing success, Amgen is committed to promoting and maintaining an inclusive, high-performing culture where team members embrace and leverage each other's talents and backgrounds. Our commitment to diversity is articulated in our values and reflected throughout our organization.

Diversity and Inclusion at Amgen is about employees taking responsibility for creating a welcoming, inclusive and productive work environment where employees feel valued, regardless of their differences, and feel that they are able to contribute to their full potential.

Learn more about Amgen's Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.

Amgen's Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Priorities and Status

Since 1980, Amgen has been at the forefront of modern biotechnology, inventing industry-leading technologies to develop and manufacture biologic medications for humans. In keeping with its history of manufacturing innovation and excellence, Amgen is now leading the way in the development and use of manufacturing technologies that will help set the standard for the future.

Globalization of the biopharmaceutical industry has enabled us to provide breakthrough, life-changing medicines to millions of patients around the world. However, delivering high-quality medicines to more and more patients globally has put increased pressure on the industry’s manufacturing capabilities.

At Amgen, we are focused on advancing biomanufacturing to address the current market challenges and help ensure that doctors and patients can continue to rely on the quality and availability of our treatments. This includes employing more efficient, faster processes for producing human proteins, antibodies and other medications while maintaining high quality. By sharing our methods and data with others in the scientific community, Amgen aims to help set new standards for biotechnology manufacturing.


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