Sherry Adesina PhD
Postdoctoral Research Ass...
Haylard Health

Akua Bonsra
PhD Candidate
Graduate Student Stony Brook University

Brianna Burden
PhD Candidate
University of San Francisco

Alba Diaz-Vega
Sr. Validation Process En...
Bausch + Lomb

Knatokie Ford
Media Innovation Fellow
Simons Foundation

Jocelyn Galloway
Graduate Student
Baylor College of Medicine

Moses Gichinga
Technical Expert

Rashieda Hatcher PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Natasha Hollis PhD, CPH
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Damon Love PhD
Oncology Medical Science ...
Eli Lilly & Co

Maria Luisa PhD
CEO, Cofounder
Envisagenics, Inc.

Felix Matos
Assistant Professor
University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus

Lisamarie Moore PhD
Research Fellow

Onika Murray
Biology Teacher
The Spence School

Jenel Nixon
PhD Candidate
University of Medine and Dentistry New Jersey

Solomon Olaseni
PhD Candidate
Rush University Medical Center

Marian Ortiz
PhD Candidate
Technical IRTA Fellow Malaria Vaccine Develop

Hasana Oyibo PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher
FMI - Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomed

Ronald Perez
Research Analyst
Terumo Medical Corporation

Yanique Rattigan PhD
Medical Science Liaison, ...

Maricelly Santiago
Sr PhD Candidate
Ponce School of Medicine

Odelia Yuh Ngala Bongmba
PhD Candidate
University of Houston