J&J Scholars of Diversity Engagement Program (J&J SDEP)
J&J Scholars of Diversity Engagement Program (J&J SDEP)

J&J has two active Scholars of Diversity Engagement Programs (SDEP). One is the Scholars of Oncology Diversity Engagement Program (SODEP), while the other is the Scholars of Immunology Diversity Engagement Program (SIDEP).

Each program has two steps including Exposure and Mentorship. Please click on the tab below to select your area of interest and to learn how you can participate.

Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine is leading where medicine is going. Patients inform and inspire our science-based innovations, which continue to change and save lives. With rigorous science and compassion, we confidently address the most complex diseases of our time and unlock the potential medicines of tomorrow. Therapeutic areas include: Oncology, Immunology, Neuroscience, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary Hypertension, and Retina.

In 2020, Johnson & Johnson declared racism a public health threat and launched Our Race to Health Equity (ORTHE) in the U.S. – a five-year, $100 million commitment. Consistent with Our Credo, our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, and our legacy of tackling the most pressing health challenges, ORTHE is J&J’s commitment to help close the racial health gap so the color of your skin does not determine your access to care, quality of care or health outcomes. We’re changing the way that we work to instill a racial health equity mindset and skillset across our company and using our scale and size to catalyze systemic change across the healthcare industry.

As part of this commitment, our Johnson & Johnson Research & Development team initiated the Johnson & Johnson Scholars of Diversity Engagement Program (J&J SDEP) to build relationships with exceptional Ph.D. students, medical students, Pharm.D. students, and post-doctoral researchers from underrepresented groups as defined in the eligibility section. We aim to contribute to shaping their careers and to bringing greater visibility to our job opportunities by providing industry exposure and mentorship in partnership with R&D leaders at J&J.

J&J Scholars of Immunology Diversity Engagement Program (J&J SIDEP) will host a virtual Immunology Day and Mentorship Step. CLICK HERE for more info about J&J SIDEP or to find out how you can apply

This is a unique opportunity to be exposed to the R&D process within the pharmaceutical industry for immune-mediated diseases and understand the critical skillsets needed for a successful industry career.

J&J Scholars of Oncology Diversity Engagement Program (J&J SODEP) will host a virtual Oncology Day and a Mentorship Step. CLICK HERE for more info about J&J SODEP or to find out how you can apply

The virtual Oncology Day takes place this year on September 10, 2024, with applications being accepted until August 30, 2024. At the Oncology Day, attendees will be exposed to the R&D process within industry and obtain an understanding of the critical skillsets fostering a successful industry career.

Those who attend the Oncology Day will have the opportunity to apply to advance to the Mentoring step of SODEP, in which scholars will be paired with J&J leaders in an ongoing 1-year mentoring experience. Applications for this step will be due in mid October.


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