Amgen Clinical Trial Diversity and Representation (RISE)
Amgen Clinical Trial Diversity and Representation (RISE)

RISE (Representation in Clinical Research) is an Amgen program dedicated to improving the diversity and representation of participants in the company's clinical trials.

Clinical research contributes to scientific knowledge for treatment options that may potentially benefit patients, physicians, and the broader research community in the future. Equitable access to clinical trials is integral to achieving health equity. Amgen is dedicated to the development of new drugs based on clinical trials, conducted without bias, and with representation of all patients who are afflicted with the disease we are seeking to treat.

In November 2020, Amgen, along with other members of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), launched industry-wide principles on clinical trial diversity with the goal of addressing the systemic issues that deter people of different races, sexes/genders, socioeconomic circumstances, and other system-level, individual-level, and interpersonal-level barriers from participating in clinical trials.

Achieving diversity and representation in clinical trials is critical work that is the responsibility of all of us at Amgen. A dedicated team, RISE, was launched in 2020 to drive the change and keep progress moving at a steady pace. The extraordinary response from colleagues across the company demonstrates the urgency and our shared commitment to addressing the issue head-on. We all know it's the right one.


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