Aaron Allen
CEO and Founder
Endogenesis, Inc.

Maame Boakye
VISN23 Biomedical Enginee...
US Department of Veteran Affairs

Daniel Campo
R&D Engineer, West Coast ...
Advanced Sterilization Products (AS

David Diaz PhD
Research Fellow
Thomas Jefferson University

Cindy Figueroa PhD
Analytical Development Re...
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Freisa Joaquín
PhD Candidate
University of Puerto Rico - Rio Pie

Shirae Leslie
Currently seeking jobs

Anna Molina PhD
Lilly del Caribe, Inc.

Trudy Padmore PhD
Job Seeker in Biotechnolg...
Job Seeker

Gene Rayford

Lianette Rivera PhD
Graduate Student
University of Michigan

Andrea Rolong
Graduate Research Assista...
Virginia Tech

Michael Scheid PhD
Technical Sales Engineer
Plexon Inc.

Zally Torres
UPR-Rio Piedras

Alexis Trent White PhD
Management Consultant
Newry Corp