SMDP Scholar Selection

How are SMDP Scholars selected?
A selection committee composed of representatives from the medical technology, biotechnology and/or consumer healthcare industries carries out student selection for the Scientist Mentoring & Diversity Program (SMDP).  The committee evaluates applicants based on predetermined criteria. Their recommendations are compiled and a summary report is used to determine the final selection of participants.  Special consideration is given to how many weeks prior to the application deadline applicants submit their materials.

Objective Criteria:

  • Citizens or permanent residents of United States and Puerto Rico are eligible to apply
  • Legally authorized to work in the United States without needing a visa or sponsorship
  • Must be Hispanic American, Pacific Islander, African American or American Indian
  • Must be a Post-Baccalaureate, Graduate or Ph.D. student or Post-Doctoral researcher
  • Must be interested in a career in industry
  • Cannot have participated in the program before

Qualitative Criteria:

  • Relevance and quality of research
  • Usefulness of the Scientist Mentoring & Diversity Program to the applicant
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Professionalism

How is SMDP publicized and how are applicants invited?
The International Center for Professional Development (ICPD) distributes information through its websites and sends emails directly to universities and organizations across the United States and Puerto Rico.  SMDP Alumni have also become a large source for word of mouth referrals.

Who serves on the SMDP Scholar selection committee?
The SMDP Selection Committee is composed of ICPD staff and representatives from industry and academia.

What does the SMDP Scholar selection process entail?

  • Once applications are received, ICPD screens applicants to ensure that adequate information has been received.
  • ICPD then ensures that all objective criteria are met.
  • Members of the Selection Committee review applicant records.
  • Each selection committee member provides selection recommendations using a scoring rubric.
  • Recommendations are compiled and a summary report is sent to the selection committee.
  • The top applicants are identified and notified of their selection. 
  • Applicants that are not selected to participate are also notified.

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